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Software is Everywhere

Anywhere you look – there is software. Cars, TVs, medical devices, rockets, aircrafts, boats, the kitchen, your smartphone. ?Everywhere.

And while the prolification of software and its reach grow by the day, the principles of designing and developing good software have changed rather little over the years.

Whether it’s a web application, mobile application, embedded systems, Artificial Intelligence (AI) tecnologies, and the like – tools and systems that help software developer be more productive and accurate are added all the time.

But at the end – it is the human development team who orchestrates it all.

The Challenges of Software Development

And so,?project managers, entrepreneurs, small business owners, and CEO of fortune 1000 companies need to rely on human software developers to achieve what they need.

Since software development is a non-regulated trade, it can bring a whole set of headaches.

From budget overruns, missed deadlines, final product not meeting specifications, developers not returning phone calls or emails, quality issues after final delivery, through the need to understand new accents, culture differences, and dialects of the English language they didnt even know existed.

Can a Reliable and Accurate Software Be Developed Without Those Headaches?

We know it can be. ?And we invite you to experience the difference today.

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Real X Software was founded in 1997 and has worked with large and small client companies to consistently deliver successful software solutions.

The companys headquarters is in the San Francisco Bay Area with nationwide and international clients.

Ideally located at the center of the technology world, our management brings to the table not only strong technical skills, but also real-world business management talent and the vital links to supporting industries like venture and angel capital and world-class marketing.


We offer the following services:

  • PHP Development
  • PHP MySQL development
  • PHP Web Design
  • PHP eCommerce Systems
  • PHP CMS Systems
  • PHP Social Networks
  • PHP SEO and Internet Marketing
  • PHP Mobile Applications
  • Software Needs Assessment
  • Application Specifications Development
  • System Architecture and Design
  • Existing Software Auditing
  • Software Benefits Analysis (ROI)


Enjoy the track record of a successful team. We work with full transparency, hands-on management to ensure quality delivery.

Peppered with savvy business advice based on years of real life experience, our team will stir you in the right direction so that you don’t waste your hard-earned money on the wrong features.

And when you need support and future enhancement, you know that we can pick things from where they were left off without you need to invest in the education of a new team.