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Beginning is important to be successful in any field. Words fall short to describe the spread of PHP development still it is not impossible to succeed here if you make a START, the most elementary step to your success. When you are starting something new like providing PHP development services it is important to seek guidance from experts who have already put in years to gain experience in the field.

10 beginners tips for delivering PHP development services come fresh to you from masters in the field :

1) Grasp OOP (object-oriented programming) : It will be useful for aspiring PHP developers to get hands on with OOP before getting into PHP. It will help them get better idea of application development process including basics like object-oriented programming, debugging, version control, test driven development etc.

2) Use PHP community : Thousands of ever willing to help communities surround PHP. Hence join them to make sure you have your people to help when faced with a difficult situation while providing PHP development services i.e. working on a project for PHP application development. Important thing to remember is Google your query before asking on the community.

3) Consider Open Source Projects : Generally it is believed that open source projects are for experienced professionals only. However in reality it is not so, in fact open source projects can prove to be a learning curve for PHP developers interested in delivering PHP development services.

4) Learn as you do it : When you have all the basic knowledge required to deliver PHP development services do not think how you should start or how you will be able to do it, instead just get into it. It is only when you start doing that you will realize your capabilities and skill level. Whenever you face problem just contact your community and gradually you will master all the skills necessary.

5) Keep exhaustion away : When we have learned something new it usually happens that we are eager to try our hands on it and want to do something good with it in a very short time and independently. Result, many developers exhaust midway as even after repeated efforts they fail to develop a successful application. A better approach would be to find a couch to guide your PHP development skills in the right direction.

6) Try Drupal or Joomla : You are likely to burn your hands if you directly jump in the increasing fire of PHP development. Drupal and Joomla are good platforms to help you groom your skills for delivering quality PHP development services. They also have dedicated communities which work towards it betterment and are willing to help aspiring developers with queries.

7) Analyze experienced developers : Analyzing deeply and cleverly can help build self made developers. If you wish to succeed in delivering PHP development services then the best way would be to analyze code of seasoned professionals, there can be different ways to do the same things. Keep your code neat and clean so that you are able to analyze it at a letter stage to see if something new and different can be done.

8) Test driven coding : Keep this in mind from the beginning of the project so that you code better and neater. Test based coding will ease the process of coding and auditing the code if in case there are any flaws with the application.

9) Read Up on Data Storage : Learn SQL to know more about data storage and how it can be done in a PHP application. Behavior of users towards an application is never certain. They can use it in different ways to derive the information they need. If you have knowledge of SQL only then you will be able to properly address data storage requirements of the application.

10) Learn about Security : Though we have mentioned it last it is the most important aspect of delivering PHP development services. Unsecure applications can result to great losses for the clients and their customers. Hence it is important to learn how to ensure complete security of the application.

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Article source: http://php.ezinemark.com/10-beginners-tips-for-delivering-php-development-services-from-php-masters-31b3f932bf0.html.

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