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PHP is open source and free scripting language used for web development. PHP when combined with MySQL gives many options for developing interesting web applications. PHP and MySQL are both great technologies and very much in use because they are free and also powerful platforms.

Demand in professionals who are skilled in PHP and MySQL is growing and they are specially on demand in Kolkata, India. That is why these days you can find huge offer and it will be very hard to choose PHP training institute in Kolkata that actually offering top class MySQL and? PHP training in Kolkata. Even there will be many such institutes in Kolkata, the quality of their trainings won’t be the same and they also won’t offer same content of their courses. Many of them will focus only on PHP scripting language but only good PHP training institute in Kolkata will offer both, PHP and MySQL training course. Such institutes will beside PHP training in Kolkata offer web design training and probably even Ajax training course.

Acesoftech PHP training in Kolkata offer complete PHP and MySQL course and also guarantee that after you finish PHP and MySQL course you will get your first job quickly. That is the most important thing that many training institues wont offer you.

Acesoftech will assist you in finding your first job at least in smaller or medium software company.

Top quality PHP and MySQL course should cover an introduction to PHP and MySQL programming languages, forms and PHP, flow control, data storing, handling database, graphics, email, sessions, directory access using Smarty, PHP and SOAP.

The only good training institute will give you training in both PHP and MySQL and cover all these topics properly with some focus also on the basics of the Internet. You will learn not only programming languages such as PHP and MySQL but also about websites, web hosts, domain names, CSS, HTML and much more. These topics are important for your future work and to be skilled PHP and MySQL web developer you must have broad knowledge and understand everything related to web development. That will prepare you for your future career, give you confidence and you will be able to take any project and finish it without any problem.

Acesoftech will offer you even more than that. You will get a chance to learn PHP and MySQL working on live projects with your trainers which will give you not only knowledge but also experience that is very important when you start looking for your first job.

I am Anjali Patel, a seasoned content writer of Acesoftech, Kolkata based PHP/ MYSQL Training company a Kolkata. I have been working as senior content writer for last 7 years in this company. I have written articles on website development and Search Engine Optimization.

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