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To define PHP in plain simple words it would be apt to say that it is a server side scripting language used mainly to empower web pages with interactive features. First the PHP application development is undertaken offsite and then the application is coded into the HTML page. There are many benefits of PHP which have led to the popularity of PHP development in India.

Here is a comprehensive list of 11 thoughtful benefits of PHP application development:

1) Costs Nothing, Nothing at all: As we say friends are priceless so is PHP, it is priceless for developers in the sense to mean it comes absolutely free. Any PHP developer interested in PHP application development can start doing so by simply downloading PHP that too for absolutely no cost.

2) No Royalty Involved: PHP is not a licensed product and hence involves no royalty fee. A PHP developer in India can use it without paying any fee. In fact no one has the authority to demand any fee for its use.

3) Free From Restrictive Licenses: There is no guide book which describes how to or how not to use PHP for PHP application development. Any PHP developer in India can use it the way they want. Developers can create their own version of the language and use it for their own purposes without allowing others to use it.

4) Server Bills Lowered: PHP applications are mostly developed to run on Linux and Apache server. As compared to Windows server both these servers are open source and hence include zero upfront and ongoing costs, even future updates are available for free. Since they are open source they can largely cut on server maintenance bills.

5) Grown Code: PHP is one of the oldest scripting languages in India and has maturely grown over the years gone by.

6) Regularly Updated: PHP community which consists of experts ensures that it is always up-to-date with modern day application development languages. Year 2009 saw 3 major updates while year 2010 has so far seen 2 major updates.

7) Different Databases: PHP is known to work flawlessly with MySQL database. Apart from this it also works perfectly with other business databases like MSSQL, Oracle OCI8 and IBM DB2. Hence migrating programming language to PHP will not involve any additional cost.

8) Easy to Pick Up: Grasping the basics of PHP for PHP application development is very easy, even a novice can learn them in as little as one month. Often companies are able to train a fresher in PHP application development to be a pro in just 5-6 months.

9) Huge Number of IDEs: Integrated development environment (IDE) makes PHP application development much easy as they include various tools for coding through PHP. The best part is they are available in plenty and can be used for free.

10) High Compatibility with Web Servers: Since PHP applications work on almost all available operating systems they are compatible with almost all web servers.

11) Proven Technology: It has been in use since last 15 years and this is a proof enough to say that PHP is a proven technology in recent times. Famous and most visited sites like Facebook, Flickr, Yahoo, WordPress, Wikipedia and Digg use PHP.

PHP application development has seen a roller coaster change in eTatvasoft with its latest use of technology and efforts to the advancement of PHP development.

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