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There are many Joomla e-commerce extensions available on the Internet, and most have tremendous uses when added on to a website that needs to improve their businesses globally. The e-commerce extension is now such a vital extension to any online business, who without the benefit of these extensions would find it virtually impossible of doing any online business in this technologically advanced world of the business man.

One of the most popular being the VirtuMart extension, this easy to and near perfect e-commerce extension allows the user to sell their goods online. It offers in-store and catalog-mode with a powerful Administration Tool it allows the user to handle unlimited number things such as Categories, Products, Orders, discounts to name but a few. It really is the complete e-commerce shopping solution for all online traders enabling them of trading easily and securely. Security is of the utmost importance to both the online trader and the online shopper, and The VirtuMart extension is one of the most secure extensions that can be found around today. VirtuMart can be found under the category of shopping cart e-commerce extensions.

SimpleCaddy is another very popular e-commerce extension that has gained popularity throughout the online shopping environment. This extension allows the user to create a shopping cart without setting up a shop. It is a powerful but easy extension to use and it lets the user redirect money via PayPal, again the security of this extension is of paramount importance and with PayPal connections both the shopper and the trader can do business knowing that nothing can go wrong. SimpleCaddy can be found under the category of shopping cart e-commerce extensions.

The most well known and therefore one of the most popular e-commerce extensions is Easy PayPal, with important features like the fact the PayPal parameters can be set using default Joomla bot configuration screen, the content format, email address, dollars, in fact all the parameters can be set as you choose to set them. This e-commerce extension can be found under the category payment system of the e-commerce extensions available.

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