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With so much research and development to back it up the Joomla open source CMS is becoming more and more popular with the user. It now has the capability of coping with much larger and more complex installations than ever before, one of these being the implementation of an Access Control List which can handle all that was required of it. This gives administrators better control over any groups or actions and with the ACL being that much more flexible and robust it can do so much more than ever before.

Zoomla has improved its extensibility with new enhanced hooks and integrations it is easier for users to be made aware of any new releases and updates that become available. These can be found either via open source or from online companies. Joomla powered sites also have an improved semantic XHTML layout, using divs and CSS, the only time table layouts that have to be used are to display tabular content i.e. numbers.

With the latest Version of Zoomla and the new query abstraction layer, the user can run the open source CMS on many more database backends, opening up many more options for the user. What was called the framework is now referred to as a platform project. The user can now take the platform project and write an application for the web independently of the CMS, whilst receiving all the benefits of the community platform project. It has successfully separated the framework (platform project) from the CMS.

With an ever increasing community of keen developers who are creating the next generation of tools for Zoomla things will only get better and better. Because Zoomla has the capability of accepting updates and extensions to its core, it can never become outdated. No doors have been closed to the improvements that will become available to extend the possibilities and capabilities of Zoomla, which is why it is one of the top three to power websites today. There is a lot on the horizon still to come and Zoomla users will not have to wait that long to benefit from these, they are literally just around the corner.

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Article source: http://cms.ezinemark.com/3-reasons-why-joomla-open-source-cms-is-the-best-cms-31fce51baae.html.

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