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So there are many people that want to be able to use Joomla and they might even want to be able to create a perfect website. Chances are if you are wanting to use Joomla then you fall into this category. The problem is that it doesnt matter who you are in you have never used Joomla before then you are going to be at a loss to start with. So now comes the question how in the world is someone supposed to be able to learn Joomla?

Well thats an easy answer. The answer is look online there are a lot of resources online that will help you to be able to learn Joomla. There are books and programs and tutorials that you can pay for. However from the research that has been done the best resources are the ones that come straight from other users. Not some fancy book or tutorial that you pay for. The first place that you want to go is to Joomlas site. It would seem to be the obvious place for you to be able to get information on how the program works and how to do something that you want to try to and do.

The next two options may not see to be the most obvious or the most helpful however they can be more helpful than many other places. For instance try places like ezine and buzzle. There you will find many different articles that will help you to do whatever you want to do. Simply do a search for the exact task that you want to complete. The other option is to go to forums. This may not seem like the best idea but it works better than you might think. Just find a forum that deal a lot with web design and post your question, most of the time you will be able to find someone that will be able to give you help, quick and fast. There are many different ways to get help when learning how to use Joomla you just have to think outside the box for the best results.

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