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When you want to build a good platform for easy and quick creation of a website, you invariably tend to rely on WordPress. But when you want to establish a review site and get it running, you require WordPress review templates or premium WordPress themes belonging to certain niches. If you do a search in the internet, you can find many such professional looking WordPress themes and WordPress templates in various sites that will suit your niches.

Again the world of the internet is filled with WordPress plug ins and if you look through them, you will surely find one or quite a few that will meet your demands or the demands of a powerful affiliate.

In this article I shall discuss the 5 best WordPress review plug ins that you may find helpful.

Steve Smith’s FeedBurner Feed Replacement

Through this you can analyze your feed subscriber base and you can avail of the advertising program for listing your own ads or selling them directly on the feeds.

Mike Smullin’s AJAX Comments

Since AJAX is pushed and backed by Google developers, most people think it is a must have. Thanks to this plug in, you can post comments on your site without having to refresh your page.

Arne Brachhold’s Google Sitemaps

Perhaps you already know that sitemaps are hot property nowadays. This plug in automatically updates and creates as well as pings Google and a gzip version of the sitemap is also offered. You just have to install it and then you can afford to forget all about it.

Scott Hough’s WP Translate

This will drive traffic to your site and improve your reader base.

Jerome Lavigne’s Jerome’s Keywords

Once you enter a post, the keywords can be listed automatically and linked as well to related posts that feature the same keywords.

It improves site navigation and is SEO and Technorati compatible.

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