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Joomla was founded in 2005, as a new browser-based software and revised form of Mambo.? Since then it has developed and grown by leaps and bounds.? It is a content management system (CMS) that many developers use as a simple blog, news website or even in complex developments such as an online community platform with user blogs, multimedia functions, downloads, etc.

The following are 5 reasons why Joomla Web Design is the right choice for any web development project:

1 – Development Flexibility of Core Software
It is free to download and use, and it is open source.? This gives developers the opportunity to study its code and software system.? The core software is a complete CMS and can be used immediately after installation as is.? With no additional third-party extension, it is already scalable and can handle many development types from simple blogs to elaborate news websites.

2 – Wide Variety of Third-Party Extensions
Although Joomla’s core software is already efficient on its own, web features and functions are developed all the time.? To integrate latest feature trends into Joomla Web Design, a very large variety of third-party extensions are available.? This includes both free and commercial complete components, modules, and plug-ins.? There are also numerous theme development frameworks to offer increased functionality.

3 – Search Engine Friendly System
It is possible to enable search engine friendly URLs in Joomla, through the settings on the administration panel.? Title tags, meta description, keywords, semantic HTML, structured navigation, and having an XML sitemap are all features that are possible in Joomla that helps maximize its performance in the search engines.

4 – Large Community and Solid Support Team
There are thousands of Joomla users online, many of which are developers and they are very eager to help those who are encountering issues with a certain function or bug.? Many users will also gladly help new administrators with any questions or design tips.? They can be found on the Joomla Web Design ?community forum, webmaster communities, and individual blogs.

5 – User-Friendly Admin Panel
Joomla’s admin panel is easy to understand, even for people who are new to administrating websites.? The system separates the different functions with navigation menus, just like most websites today.? These menus have dropdown submenu items which then direct the admin to each configuration option.

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