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Joomla is what we would classify as an, “open source content management system.” ?This is a mouthful which basically means that Joomla is a stable platform that allows you to easily edit your own website without the need to hire a Joomla developer. ?With very little technical knowledge, the average person can set up their own Joomla website. ?On occasion, however, it really is necessary to hire a Joomla developer. ?Here are the most common reasons you would want to hire a Joomla developer instead of developing your own Joomla website:

? You want to integrate social networking features into your Joomla website ? You don’t have the design skills necessary to create a Joomla template from scratch ? You don’t have the time to learn how to become a Joomla developer yourself ? You don’t feel comfortable setting up your own Joomla website With that said, this article will be focused on tips and tricks of hiring a good Joomla developer. ?When you do go to try to find and hire a great Joomla web developer, here is the general process you will be using. ? Discovery When you decide to hire a Joomla programmer, the first step is called, “discovery.” ?This is where you and your Joomla programmer will speak to each other and discuss your backgrounds, strengths, weaknesses, etc. ?Keep in mind that you’ll be hiring a freelance Joomla programmer, not a full time programmer, and so you need to remember that he’s interviewing you as well. ?He wants to make sure he’s going to be working on a legitimate Joomla programming project, and that he won’t get scammed either. The general deliverable during the discovery phase is a Scope of Work about your new Joomla project. ?The Scope of Work is basically a list of deliverables that you are hiring the Joomla programmer for. ?Do not start a Joomla project with a Joomla freelancer without a great Scope of Work. ?Expectations are everything ? otherwise this will be an all around terrible time. ? Negotiation After the Joomla Scope of Work has been decided, its now time to enter into negotiations before you actually hire a Joomla programmer. ?Your potential Joomla programmer will generally recommend you spend a certain amount, and you should generally suggest another amount. ?In the end, both parties want a fair price. ? Project Award After you have negotiated a project cost and timeline, its time to formally award your Joomla programmer the project. ?This is handled in a lot of different ways ? but generally there should be an area in Odesk or Freelancer.com which will allow you to formally award the project. ? Project Starts After you’ve awarded the project, its time for your new freelancer to get to work! ?Make sure you get once-a-week status updates while your project is being worked on, and require deliverables each week. ? Final project completion Remember ? in each web development project, there will always be a time when your expectations do not match those of the freelancer. ?Keep this in mind when providing your feedback!



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