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Firefox has been a boon for web developers around the world since it was first introduced in 2004. It was finally a worthy alternative to Microsoft?s Internet Explorer and the open source nature created new possibilities to tailor your browsing experience to your requirements.

It?s no surprise that web developers leapt upon the opportunity to customize their browser with the tools of their trade and in the last 10 years Firefox has become an indispensible tool and probably gets more use than the developers IDE!

There are now hundreds of Firefox plugins for web developers, some useful, some a bit obtuse, so we have collected 5 must have plugins for website developers around the world


Used by over 2 million developers, Firebug is the daddy of web development plugins. It creates a seamless environment in which to closely inspect the CSS, DOM, HTML and Javascript of any website to see how it is working and identify possible problems. One of the more popular uses is to watch how a browser loads and log the processing time for javascript and loading time for images which can help in optimizing the speed of the site.


There is screen capturing software and then there is Fireshot. You can take screenshots of the entire page (even what isn?t visible) but what really sets this plugin apart is that you can then take the image and start annotating the image ? extremely useful when working as part of a global team.


Why keep two applications open when you can do the same job with one? FireFTP is a complete FTP application built inside your Firefox browser, upload, refresh and see how the changes have affected the site ? it really is that simple.


As web developers we?ve all been there when a site loads much slower than it should.

This useful plugin uses Yahoo?s rules for high performance websites to analyze your site and provide suggestions on how to improve it. This plugin works in conjunction with Firebug.

Pixel Perfect

In an age where your layout is controlled down to the last pixel via the CSS file and where clients become fussy about the site looking different in different browsers, this useful plugin allows you to match up the original screenshot with the XHTML and CSS that you have created to ensure the website is, as the plugin implies, pixel perfect.

There are also plenty of other plugins available for Firefox but the ones mentioned above should make you the most productive, whether you are a programmer, css developer or an actual designer, these plugins are now essential weapons in your development arsenal.

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