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Joomla Content Management System is popular in developing creative and powerful websites and/or web applications. With Joomla development, developing beautiful websites is trouble-free and does not require much effort to build. There are lot many websites present on the internet today that are based on Joomla. The Joomla extension system needs efficiency. Joomla extensions are incorporated for extended and powerful functionality. They are very helpful in creating websites and applications largely. Joomla extensions are created by its users and the creators of Joomla. Today, a wide range of Joomla extensions available on the internet. Joomla development companies who specialize in offering Joomla services know the art of compiling the right Joomla 1.6 extensions for the betterment of your Joomla based website. Following are some of the Joomla extensions 1.6 with details:

Akeeba Backup: It is an open source backup component. The mission is to create site backups which can be restored on any Joomla capable server. In one single archive, it creates complete backup. To avoid sever timeouts the server and restore process is powered by AJAX. An open source backup solution for Joomla based website, it is reliable and easy to use.

Artio JoomSEF for J1.6: This extension is a great SEO component that makes your Joomla website search engine friendly and very comprehensive. It comes with meta-data and sitemap generation capabilities. Utilizing JoomFish, will support URL translations at multiple languages.

XMap for J1.6: Everybody is too concerned about SEO these days. Hence, make sure that their latest sitemap is with Google and that it has indexed every single word they posted so far.

This becomes an easy task with XMap as it provides a means to incorporate your site map on your website.

JoomSEF Free: Another SEO component which makes URLs Search Engine friendly (SEF).

Generator changer: If you dislike the way Joomla places its name in your site by using the generator meta tag, there is no way you can change this in the global configuration, despite everything with this Joomla 1.6 extension you can change it to whatever you need to.

Clean Response: This plug-in enables the administrator to alter that response value to ?PHP? (the plugin default) or a user supplied text values.

IceSpeed: IceSpeed Plugin compresses, optimizes, merges CSS and JavaScript on your website to dramatically reduce the loading time of your website.

Extplorer: eXtplorer is web based File Management component for all your needs. It has a desktop-application-like interface with drag & drop, grid and a directory tree and makes heavy use of the ExtJS JavaScript Library.

MetaGenerator: By pulling text from Joomla content, this 1.6 extension automatically generates description and keywords meta tags. With this extension you can also control some other title options.

There are many more such Joomla Extensions 1.6 that empower your Joomla based website with exclusive functionality. Professional Joomla developers assist? in recommending extensions best suit your website.

The author writes about some Joomla Extensions 1.6 those offer added functionality to your website. Hire professional Joomla Development service providers for dynamic offerings as they posses complete knowledge of extensions are familiar with the output.

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