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It wouldn’t be wrong to say that PHP has been a piece of cake for the seasoned Object Oriented Programmers when they step into the world of web based application programming. The programmers who knew the basics of HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language – a basic web based programming language that all the browsers understand) and a bit of C, C++, JAVA, .net or any other web based language were able to easily adapt their programming styles and standards to PHP and were able to program it. It uses some very simple commands that can be easily understood by an Object Oriented programmer and he can easily work on it.

After advent of PHP development, there were a lot of Open Source developments like Joomla being the most popular one. It had a lot of ready-made PHP scripts that people were able to easily plug and play into their websites. Starting from CMS (Content Management System) to E-commerce modules and up to social networking applications, all were having their own Open Sources which were freely available and could be downloaded by anyone for free and can be used for CMS, e-commerce or any other application as required. But still there used to be requirements for applications that were unique and apart from simple CMS or e-commerce. People either had to program an application from the scratch to meet those requirements or had to customize the existing open source which was very tedious and tactful. At times it used to take a lot more time than it would have taken to build it from scratch, so was not cost effective. Looking at these requirements a new framework called CakePHP was launched. CakePHP was a MVC (Model View Component) Architecture based framework, which was inspired from.Net or JAVA.

Here the code used to remain separate from the forms and other programming. So it became a new neat and clean standard of PHP programming where it is easier to change the designs based on client requirements. From a simple to a complicated web based requirement, everything could be programmed using Cake PHP in an easy to understand and no complication format which it used to become, if we try to customize something on an Open Source or it happens when we try to start programming something from scratch in Core PHP.

In this architecture, the design related HTML files are kept completely separate from the program files. So the programmer can program easily in the programming files and the designer can do the required changes in design files and it won’t conflict anyone. It also allows the independence where a programmer and a designer can work on the same project together at the same time.

There is also no obligation that you need to use a database structure created by someone else or you need to do modifications to it, which may hamper other parts of the project, which usually used to happen while working with Open Sources. Here you get complete independence of playing with the database structure and create your own database depending on your requirements. There were no restrictions of declaration of variables or creating queries because that also is in your hands completely. It is just a methodology to keep the things neat and clean and safe and sound.

There have been many other frameworks that have come in picture after this one but it created a landmark and worked like a milestone in the world of not only PHP programming but the world of web based programming. It has not only been appreciated by a few but from all the programmers across the world and has given a new definition and meaning to PHP programming. People have adopted it as a standard now for all Core PHP development requirements and CakePHP Development can certainly be considered as the future of not only PHP but the web based application programming.

PHP Application Development has not only improved but has got a completely new structure with the invention of CakePHP Development and this is the reason that more and more organizations are bending towards CakePHP now and have started adapting it as a standard. This has created a new future for web based programming.

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