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Amidst a crowd of WordPress plugins available in the market, the WP Online Store has come up with one more plugin – a WordPress shopping cart plugin. This plugin joins the league of numerous others already available but promises to be far better than them.

What Are WordPress Plugins

A blogger who starts a website of his own may not be restricted to only posting blogs but may have varied interests. WordPress plugins give an opportunity to explore these interests and delve deeper into the web world.

It may have started out as a simple blogging tool, but the WordPress blog plugins have now made it possible to use it for varied purposes enabling you to use your website as per your needs. It could be any of the following.

* Social network

* Business directory

* Image viewer

* Digital business card

* Job forum

* Knowledge base

* Online shopping.

These are just a few of the uses that WordPress facilitates, and all these are made possible by plugins. One of these that are increasingly growing popular is the online shopping function.

Ecommerce WordPress Store

Ecommerce plugins built to be integrated into a WordPress page facilitate the online shopping business. With many aspects of business going digital, it is not a surprise that shopping too is carried out over the net. It is beneficial for both the seller and the buyer.

The WordPress platform offers convenient setting up of an ecommerce WordPress store. The various plugins for this purpose available in the market have their share of pros and cons. One of the very recent ones being developed is the WordPress Ecommerce Shopping Cart Plugin from WP Online Store.

It has taken the team almost a year to come up with the product and features the osCommerce online store offers.

As of now the team has released a front-end demo version of the product. With successful rounds of testing and adequate developments based on feedback, the product will be ready for use in the market. The team boasts of presenting an unmatched product with its benefits running into pages.

They may seem to be similar to many other plugins, but the efficiency is a class apart. These are both front-end and backend features as mentioned below.

* Allows quick, easy, and adaptive changes.

* Supports dynamic images.

* Supports unlimited categories and products which can be easily edited.

* Facilitates contact with customers directly by email or newsletter.

* Gives easy backup and database restoring functionality.

* Support for multilingual and multi-currency.

* Stores orders in a database for fast retrieval. Allows customers to view all order history and status.

* Quick and advanced search features presenting a better exploration into products.

* Accepts various offline and online payment options.

There are host of other features to be mentioned, but the end result is that this plugin can serve to be one of the best experiences for the buyer and the seller. You may or may not be an osCommerce or WordPress expert, but when it comes to deciding upon a suitable ecommerce plugin for your website, this one from WP Online Store is sure to suit your purpose.

WP Online Store is the creator of a fully functional WordPress Ecommerce Shopping Cart Plugin that has no bugs and is a user friendly interface to start your Ecommerce WordPress Store.

Article source: http://wordpress.ezinemark.com/a-wordpress-ecommerce-shopping-cart-plugin-that-works-182bb7da7da.html.

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