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A number of different types of websites can be created using CMS, and by utilizing extensions, and Component, you can add various website capabilities .Joomla is also user, SEO and search engine friendly. The dashboard is easy to navigate and provide for a great user experience. Joomla furthermore has great built-in SEO features like search engine friendly URLs and there are many SEO plug-in to manage every aspect of your website?s SEO.

CMS allows you to take hold of your own website content management, saving you time and money! CMS Websites are ideal for businesses that need to make regular updates on their website to communicate with clients and staff. The advantage is that the website administration function can be undertaken in-house by staff.

Designing a website in Joomla offers a business with many advantages. Joomla websites offer many powerful features that traditional websites do not offer. Joomla websites are scalable and can meet the needs of businesses small or large. Websites developed in Joomla are much easier to modify than bespoke websites. New features can be added to websites in a cost effective manner.

Joomla is used in allglobes for making everything from simple website to personalhomepages, complex corporate web applications, eCommerce application. Here is just some of the CMS Solution:

Corporate websites or portals
Real Estate Websites
Online eCommerce Application

Hotel and Tourism websites
Small business websites
Corporate website
Non-profit and organizational websites
Government applications
School and church websites
Personal or family homepages
Community-based portals
Magazines and newspapers website portal

There are many differences between Joomla! And commercial CMS solutions?

Commercial CMS
Commercial solutions that offer different versions according to your budget.
commercial CMS solutions offer an very limited amount of extensions

Joomla (Content Management System)
Joomla! Is available in just one ‘all encompassing’ version – and it is cost free.
Joomla! offers an awesome amount of extensions ( approx 7300 )
Joomla! Hasamore active community (more than 200,000 users and developers.)

Advantages of Joomla Websites
Non-technical people can edit and expand the site quickly & easily
Website can be edited online from anywhere in the world
Provides convenient way to store and organize information
Open Source, does not tie you to one developer or supplier
Large world-wide developers community
Allows version and access control
Allows rapid functional expansion via modules and plug-ins
Bulk updates ? you can add hundreds of products with a single uploads

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