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Joomla is an extremely popular open source Content Management System (CMS) which is used to create online applications, websites and blogs. This CMS has become a choice of the majority for its premium features, flexibility, extensions themes and security benefits. It helps in creation of spam-protected and user-friendly websites to benefits users and business alike. In this article, we would discuss advantages of PSD to Joomla for your website.

Free to use

Joomla is free to use and easily available on the web for users to download and install. No licensing fee would be needed and users can easily change its standard codes to use for the specific purposes. From downloading to installing to updating, everything is available free of cost with Joomla.

Easy To Use

Joomla is very easy to download and install from the web, and even a person with bare technical knowledge can easily do it. After the installation, users would need no specific skills to edit, manage and update the content. This CMS has become the choice of millions of global users for the sake of simplicity in use.

SEO Friendly

Websites made using Joomla have been found more SEO-friendly than the rest for many reasons. Firstly, its coding has been done in a manner to support optimization of websites and online applications. Secondly, updates are easy with Joomla and the content can be updated to attract search engine crawlers for better rankings and online visibility.

Huge community

Joomla is famous for its huge community which users to solve any problem related to the CMS.

Technical issues or questions related to Joomla are solved quickly by the community to enhance the users? experience. Hundreds of thousands of active members are part of this colossal community to make Joomla even more likeable, user-friendly and easy to use.

Security benefits

Joomla is considered the most secure CMS and trusted by thousands of users across the globe. It denies entry to spam, unregistered and unethical users into websites or blogs to free them from the danger of hacking. Security issues are a big concern and frequent website hacking has forced users to trust Joomla to get a safe and secure website or blog.

Multi-language support

Joomla enables multi-language support and a freedom to successfully run multi-lingual sites. With this support, a single website would be enough to reach across the globe to attract and communicate with visitors and prospects. More so, a business does not need to create different websites to suit different markets and hence, a great cost cutting would be available.

Templates & add-ons

Joomla has a modular architecture which enhances its flexibility and creates space for add-ons, modules, extensions and components. Hundreds of free and premium standard and 3rd party add-ons are available to improve features and functionalities of Joomla websites. A range of free and premium templates are also available to improve the functions, and features.

Constant upgrade

Joomla is true to the changing time and technological needs of its users and does constant upgrade to versions and features. Minor to major changes and updates are done in existing Joomla versions to support new features. Security issues are also solved with the constant updates in the available versions of Joomla.

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