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What makes PHP tick? A host of reasons can be attributed to the rise in acceptance of PHP as the language of choice for web application and website development. Some prominent reasons being:

Ease of learning
Free to use
Supported on free web servers like Apache
Ease of use
Plenty of support
Rich libraries available for free

Universal acceptance has led to lot of people using this programming languages resulting in high availability of qualified php resources worldwide.
India, a preferred offshore software development destination, has extremely qualified php programmers working from state of the art development centers of software outsourcing companies.
Here are some advantages of outsourcing php development:

Cost is a big factor: programmers in offshore destinations like India are available for 1/3 the price in developed nations
Quality Oriented Work: Most software outsourcing companies (good ones) are ISO certified, thus giving you the peace of mind on quality of work done.
24/7 Availability: Companies provide you option to recruit development teams on a 24/7 cycle
Time Zone Preference: Most companies also provide you the freedom to choose when you would like the programmers to work. You can pick your time zone which best suits your communication and monitoring needs
Project Management: generally a manager is assigned to you to ensure smooth flow of communication between you and your programming team
Audio, Video and Web Communication: to ensure you always feel connected and your issues are addressed as quickly as possible

With so much at stake, your business can definitely use php outsourcing.

Author works for software development India which also offers PHP programmers as offshore and onshore resources.

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