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Wide array of web PHP frameworks are available in the market today, which help developers in developing applications and systems faster than ever before! Most developers however do not like the use of frameworks, maybe because of their ignorance of the many benefits that they provide.

Hence, following are some of the benefits of Symfony Framework :-

Time Saving :

-?With this, developers do not have to type complex codes every time which saves time by 50% in most cases.

Re-usability of codes :

-?There will be similar features in most projects, but each part of a code is separate and at times have to copy the controllers, models, and view folders to the next project. All the projects that have a Content Management System (CMS), we are able to copy across the login system. Re-writing them earlier used to take up most of the time. But now we copy them across, add the users and we are all set to work.

Access to Services API’s:

-?The pace with which the internet is expanding is mind-boggling. By enabling web API (Application Programming Interface) platforms like Twitter, Yahoo, Google, etc you get the chance to expand a website with ease.

Community Assistance :

-?If you happen to be in any sort of trouble while using a framework, you can always refer to the many communities and forums on the web that are always there to help.

And once you become experienced enough, you too can contribute to the community by providing them with your feedback and be of help to them in return.

Plugin Creation :

-?When you happen to add a feature to the framework, simply create a plugin in a directory that you can later copy to all your projects. This is one of its most striking feature which saves on time immensely and benefits enormously.

Using a Web PHP Framework saves time in bits and pieces, which adds up to be a huge chuck of time that can be utilized effectively later by adding applications, new functions to your website or work on totally different areas like marketing or promotions for improved rapid progress.

The author writes about Symfony framework as well as states the top benefits it offers to global audience which saves on 50% of time in most cases.

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