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Joomla development is gaining huge popularity these days as this is an open source software that helps in creating efficient websites. There are various companies offering Joomla web development solutions.


With the increasing advancement and the research & development in the existing computing technologies, the latest content management systems (CMS) have been introduced. Joomla is one of these advanced CMS technologies. This Joomla development technology was introduced in the year 2005 on 16th September when the further study was carried on the other open source CMS software known as Mambo.


Joomla web development has become popular among the developers since its introduction and they started to build various websites using this CMS to offer best results to the businesses. As Joomla is a free open source software that incorporates various useful features and used for posting website content, many large scale firms use this software for carrying their operations effectively and efficiently.


To offer better facilities to the users, Joomla websites are coded in PHP language as well as includes software design prototype and object oriented programming (OOP).

Joomla development incorporates various advanced features like news flashes, RSS feeds, search options, language change options, printable versions of pages, creating blogs and polls, etc. All these advanced features have made Joomla web development the most suitable platform to create a website. Further, this open source supports MySQL database.


The Joomla development can be performed in a number of ways. The installation procedure for Joomla website can be done manually from the source code provided by the Joomla web development company to a web server that supports PHP applications. This is basically emphasized by a control panel that automate the whole development procedure. Further, Microsoft Web Platform Installer is the other technology through which Joomla can be installed. After that, the web PI takes a break for the missing dependencies like MySQL or PHP and then put them together before initializing the Joomla development installation procedure.?


Though Joomla development is an easy process but finding a perfect Joomla web development company is quite difficult and requires a brainstorming process. If you are looking for such services, then you need to do a thorough research over internet and ask other business to suggest some organizations. Further, besides reliability, the other thing that you need to consider is the project delivery deadlines that the company can meet as well as the type of service that they provide to their clients for their benefit and not to make money. Hence if you are planning to create a Joomla website then do a proper research before choosing them.

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