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Nowadays websites are not only viewed on standard computer screens, but after the evolution of smart phones and tablets there?s a necessity to design websites that look attractive on multiple devices.

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Here we maintained a good communication level at every stage of development to keeps the whole process transparent and trying our best to Implement well-documented project plans.

We keep ourselves updated with the latest technologies striking a perfect balance between the old and the new technologies. We continue to increase our capabilities offered keeping in mind the declining cost of resources and Internet access. Our fully experienced and dedicated team has a unique combination of technical expertise, strong functional knowledge base and result oriented management.

MSOFT TECHNOLOGIES is highly proficient in ensuring the success of all stages of offshore custom application development processes.

We as a team, build highly scalable digital E-business solutions that are aimed at aiding companies in their growth and helping them realize their fullest potential on-line and off-line. Our highly trained staffs are also capable of integrating any additional platforms into our work with little or no down time.

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Msoft Technologies is a web design and? development multinational company expertise in PHP MySQL AJAX CodeIgniter programming.

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In this screencast, will explore different ways to access data from your codeigniter models. We’ll start by writing SQL from scratch and refactor our models until our code is safe against sql injection, database agnostic, and DRY. We’ll wrap up the screencast by taking a quick look at PHP ActiveRecord.
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