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When an individual decides to create or build their own website, they will find out that the two most popular usable languages are ASP and PHP. Both these languages have their own individual advantages as well as disadvantages. ASP and PHP are both used in the creation of Dynamic Content Websites. These are websites that can easily exchange information, as well as have an interaction with databases. ASP stands for Active Server Pages. This usable language is a product of Microsoft. It is normally used together with Internet Information Server. PHP, on the other hand, stands for Hypertext Pre Processor. This usable language was created by Rasmus Lerdorf. It is used in conjunction with either UNIX or servers that run on Linux. There are several differences one may have to consider when they are deciding between ASP and PHP.

The first thing an individual should contemplate should be their budget. The prices associated with the two vary to some extent. If one would want to employ the use of ASP, he would first have to ensure that he has IIS installed in a Windows platform server. This is not free, but neither is it expensive. PHP, on the other hand, mainly runs on Linux. Linux is an open source thus it is free to the public. When it comes to database connectivity, ASP is a little expensive. This is because one needs to have MS-SQL, which is a Microsoft product that needs to be purchased. PHP, on the other hand, makes use of My-SQL which is also free to the public.

Another thing one should consider when making a choice between ASP and PHP is speed. PHP code tends to be quite simple. For this reason, it runs much faster than ASP.? The construction of ASP is based on COM architecture.

This is an overhead for ASP’s server. PHP code does not need this, as it runs on its very own memory space.

A third thing an individual should look out for when choosing between ASP and PHP is compatibility. PHP programs are considered quite convenient because they can run on several different platforms including Linux, Windows and UNIX. ASP does not have the same compatibility. ASP is made to mainly run on the Windows platform but, if one decides to, they can always get their Asp to be made to run on Linux platform. This can be done by installing ASP-Apache to one’s server.

The same way that ASP and PHP differ in price, they also differ in several other associated costs. A multitude of PHP tools can be obtained at no extra cost to the individual. In addition to this, since PHP is deemed an open source project, new codes can always be found in several forums online. Other features that PHP has include an inbuilt email feature as well as a number of encryption options. All this is not available with Asp. This is because bonuses are not a standard when it comes to ASP.? In addition to this, if an individual needs any extra components, one would have to purchase them from the official websites.

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