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The introduction of automated blogs has totally revolutionized how internet marketers look at their blogging business. For those that have religiously written content every day, finding products to monetize their posts, etc., now have a better alternative to keeping their blogs up to date.

We all know that blogs need a steady stream of fresh content to keep the search engines visiting and indexing your blog posts. This is difficult to do even if blogging is your full time business, much less if you are like most people that have a job and family to manage. That is where the autoblogging plugin for WordPress can help, and if you have not taken the time to learn more, you should,

But what exactly should you look for in the tool that you want to purchase. Here is a good list to consider as you are making your selection:

The old adage is true – content is king. Any autoblogging plugin for WordPress that you select should have multiple methods of populating content. This should include articles, social network sites, twitter posts, media from YouTube, Flickr and other sites, and affiliate programs.
If you are not monetizing your blogs you are not making any money. The better auto blogging plugin tools provide insertion of keyword relevant affiliate products from multiple programs into your article. Capture the visitor while you have them at your site with products that are directly relevant to the search term they used to find your blog.
You do not want an autoblogging plugin for Worpdress that locks you into a specific template or forces all the posts to follow a certain format. Select a WordPress auto post plugin that allows to define the content and the formatting of that content for the posts to be inserted.
Some people are concerned with rewriting capaiblities, but I personally believe this is not an issue because you can include other content with articles, ebay listings, amazon products, clickbank products, etc. that you can make the post 100% unique to the searchn engines.

This is not probably not an exhaustive list of things to consider, but I do believe it covers the basics of what types of functionality is important for an autoblogging plugin for WordPress.

wordpress autopost plugin

Rob discovered how WordPress automatic blog tools can improve his efficiency, and so can you. Also, please visit these links to read our Autoblog Samurai review or our WP Robot review.

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