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IT Application Development has today reached such heights that could not have even been imagined or even dreamt of by people until a few years ago. One of the latest technologies that took the market by storm right from the time of its introduction to the masses is Google?s Android. This platform of IT Application Development has opened up immense possibilities for web developers and marketers alike. From making visually rich games that are really graphic that sell like hot cakes, to making applications that consumers love to use and share, the options are virtually unlimited today.

Moreover, all this development happens at a fraction of the costs that would have been incurred say a decade ago. And there are dedicated market places where developers and marketers can sell their applications and earn good profits in return.

The reason why many developers today prefer working dedicatedly for the android market and not any other one in the IT Application Development industry is because of the creative freedom that they are offered here. There is continuous development happening here and developers are only too happy to deliver what the customer demands or what he dream of having.

Android application development does have critics too, as is the case with all new developments. Many conventional IT Application Development experts argue that this platform saying that it is limited to mobile applications only. However the truth is really far from this. Mainly because of the fact that, with the introduction of tablet computing the possibilities today have reached unfathomable heights. Today, computing has literally gone mobile and one can easily do away with immovable desktops and bulky laptops.

Work can be completed on a device that weighs less than a hundred grams!

Today, many leading IT Application Development companies are switching to android and training expert developers to meet their client?s needs and the ever growing demands by the end consumers. As such, they are even training teams that specialize in only one specific form of android application development. This simply means that the team that makes Android games will be a different one from the one that makes daily use applications and there can also be a separate team that caters to specialized IT Application Development assignments. This segregation is mainly there to help business managers make better use of the developer?s skills and deliver top quality applications.

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Article source: http://development.ezinemark.com/benefits-of-developing-android-applications-7d371063fcc0.html.

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