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One of the biggest advantages to setting up wordpress on your site is the search engines really like most of the themes used on its platform.

The other great thing is that WordPress has a very active developer community. That means there is an almost endless supply of themes and plugins that you can use, for almost anything you can think of.

Since we recently published an article on how to install wordpress, let?s take a look at some of the wordpress SEO plugins that you can use. Laying the ground work for a well-optimized start from the beginning, will mean you can start ranking in the search engines a lot quicker.

To make this easier for you, we?ll take a look at some free and premium (paid) plugins that you can use.

Free WordPress SEO Plugins

All-In-One SEO Pack

This plugin is very easy to get started with.

It generates your META tags automatically and allows you to automatically optimize your post titles for the search engines.

If you know your way around WordPress, you can get your hands dirty and tweak every area of the plugin to custom-tailor it to your needs.

SEO Rank Reporter

One of the main reasons for writing content, is to rank for certain keywords to drive organic (free) traffic from the search engines.

SEO Rank Report allows you to keep a close eye on certain keywords that you?re using and give you a graphical view of where you stand (as well as past rankings).

Every 3 days, you receive a custom report to show your progress.

Running a new SEO campaign?

SEO Rank Reporter will also send you an e-mail, whenever any of your keywords experience a significant spike or decline in ranking.

Google XML Sitemaps Generator

Want to help search engines crawl and index new content on your site?

This plugin allows you to create a free sitemap that you can submit to the search engines.

Another cool feature is that the plugin will update the sitemap every time you add a new post. Once the plugin updates that information, it will also doing all the heavy lifting and let the search engines know about it.

This plugin will save you a ton of time and headaches!

Vibe SEO Pack

Imagine having an auditor to walk around your site and give you a detailed list of what you need to fix, in order to make your site as SEO-friendly as possible…

The Vibe SEO pack checks your website title and description for your pre-determined keywords, as well as whether or not your sitemap is properly setup.

You?ll even be able to see a detailed list of other things, such as your new posts? keyword density, H tags using your keyword, if you forgot an alt image (tag) in your pictures, and more!

Premium WordPress SEO Plugins

Keyword Winner

Keyword Winner is a pretty popular paid wordpress plugin, which allows you to do things such as:

– ?Find suggestions for low-competition, highly-search terms…
– ?Find search trends…
– ?Analyze backlinks
– ?Suggestions for highly-searched blog post titles
– ?Etc…

SEO Smart Links

Even if your site covers a variety of topics, chances are you will still occasionally create posts that are related to each other.

By linking these pages to one another, the overall strength of your site?s SEO is improved.

The SEO Smart Links plugin has the added benefit of creating a pre-defined list of keywords that will automatically be converted into your own affiliate links.

Additional Resources:

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Main Takeaway: If you?re just getting started with using WordPress, it would probably be best to stick with the free tools that are available. At least, until you get a little more comfortable with the platform – and a better idea of what keywords you might want to target.

By using any of these WordPress SEO plugins from the start, you?ll be able to instantly begin building your rankings in the search engines!

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