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Web application framework is the system which can be reused as many times by the developers for the development of web applications and websites.

Frameworks are reusable designs which may be consist of various supportive programs, code libraries and a scripting language. It’s a great concept of reusability for the web development by the developers for increasing efficiency.

Open source have gifted various such useful frameworks which are proving their excellence in the web development, such as CakePHP is one of the popular web application framework which is written in PHP programming language. It was introduced in the web world just after Ruby on rails concept in year 2005 and distributed all over the web sphere under MIT license. Using frameworks written in any language helps the developers to concentrate more deeply on the core business requirements rather then spending precious time on other technological issues in the website and application development. Among various frameworks of open source prevailing, CakePHP holds good position due to its many technical features such as:

It helps the developers to make interface with database and active records
CakePHP follows architectural pattern of model-view-controller
It has great compatibility property with other programming languages such as PHP4 and PHP5

Some basic features according to

Feature of Built-in validation
Feature of data sanitization
Feature of Application Scaffolding
Router for mapping urls and handling extensions
Security, Session, and Request Handler Components
Utility classes for working with Files, Folders, Arrays and more
Helpers for HTML, Forms, Pagination, AJAX, JavaScript, XML, RSS and more

For the development of large complex systems, frameworks are the best mode for saving time and reducing complexity of the project.

It helps in increasing productivity of programmers as using frameworks puts restrictions on more choices during the development. Commonly frameworks have various features such as they provide security, URL mapping, database access & mapping, catching of documents, etc. Using CakePHP framework helps in reducing development cost as well as developers are facilitated with writing less code for the development of websites.

CakePHP framework is having all the features for the development of dynamic web applications and websites to fulfill most of the expectations of the online mass. According to experienced developers in open source technologies CakePHP is cost effective method of developing web applications. Most of the CakePHP users evidently say about cheap & quick development of web applications and websites. Still one should consult professional for the correct advice before taking any decision.

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