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Do you need a PHP event calendar? Do you want a good-looking monthly occurrence chart that displays your future plan to your guests? Do you also want a way to manage the agenda facts through a web based interface? The scriptcalendar software joined with the free of charge PHP event administration system is your solution. How does it work?

The initial thing you need is a database to store your information. Your datebook will display events based on this information. MySql is the understandable option when using PHP. However, a MySql database is not simple to include along with PHP source code. An XML file is another choice for a database, and can easily be incorporated in a zip file of PHP source code. The PHP event running system uses an XML file as a database for that basis.

Following that, you’ll need to manage events in the database. You’ll need to add, alter and delete events. You’ll need an online interface to accomplish these tasks. The manageEvents. php fulfills those wants. It reads information from the XML file and displays it. You can create, edit and remove plan items from the XML all through the manageEvents. php page.

Third, you’ll need to display the events to visitors. The Scriptcalendar software renders the calendar. It is a javascript event calendar. It is cross browser compatible. It has over a dozen themes to choose from. Bonus, it can easily be altered through properties and CSS.

Finally, you’ll need a process of providing events from the XML file or database to the scriptcalendar. The scevent. php page reads the XML statistics and renders valid javascript code. You point to the scevent. php from the javascript include, and the rendered code is run client side.

Would you like to see the free PHP source code for yourself?? Download the calendar event php management system.? Create a calendar on your website today with the calendar event php management system.

Article source: http://database.ezinemark.com/calendar-event-php-154e2d9cf36.html.

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