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As new technologies are launched everyday to improve and simplify the process of web development, Code igniter is also a result of one of such efforts. Code Igniter is a type of development application framework, which is also often referred to as a complete toolkit for the developers or a PHP Development Company. The main purpose of using the code igniter is to help the PHP developers to develop and complete projects is lesser time in comparison to the creation of codes from the scratch. The factor in code igniter that makes this possible is its organized set of commands that can be used for frequently performed tasks.

Code Igniter also provides a straightforward interface that facilitates consistent structures for accessing its libraries easily. This explains that the use of code igniter allow the PHP developers to concentrate more on the project rather than reducing the number of codes required for accomplishing any task. Owing to the immense advantages offered by code igniter, many PHP Development India companies are utilizing this framework in their services. The main focus of these companies is to utilize the talent of their PHP developers more and more in the innovativeness of development process rather than struggling with the coding involved in it.

There are certain circumstances, during which the use of code igniter proves out to be the most beneficial. Firstly, it stands suitable when the PHP developer is looking to create a framework with the help of a tiny footprint. It also helps to bring an outstanding presentation to the performance. Moreover, if the developer requires extensive compatibility while dealing with regular hosting accounts to manage different PHP versions and configurations, then also code igniter proves largely beneficial.

If a PHP Web Development Company is looking for a specific framework that functions with zero configurations, code igniter can be of massive use.

Code igniter also facilitates a framework, which is competent of functioning without the use of a command line. It also eliminates all kind of limitations in working with specific coding rules. It also allows the PHP developers to carry on their work with the involvement of restrictive libraries. A developer can also use this framework when they don’t wish to study a template language or require a comprehensive and systematic documentation. Code igniter is also quite similar to Cake PHP in regard of strengths and weaknesses. However, the most important similarity is their dealing process with PHP4.

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