The Company

Real X Software was founded in 1997 and has worked with large and small client companies to consistently deliver successful software solutions.

The company’s headquarters is in the San Francisco Bay Area with nationwide and international clients.

Ideally located at the center of the technology world, our management team brings to the table not only strong technical skills but also real-world business management talent, as well as vital links to supporting industries like venture and angel capital and world-class marketing.

Our development team is made of experienced developers with years of commercial hands-on experience under their belt. ?They work well as individual contributors as well as a cohesive team collaborating on medium to large scale projects.

In addition to its core development team, Real X has partnerships with some of the best technology and design providers on the market. When there is a need to supplement our core skill set, our clients do not have to branch out and find talent on their own, but rather have all their technology needs being met under one roof.

From small projects to large undertakings, our process virtually guarantees that our clients get what they expected.

Contact us?today to learn more about our company and how we can help you achieve success with your software development projects.

The professional, pleasant and relaxed interaction between you and the other teams working on this project were critical to the successful launch of our initiative.
Uzi Eliyahou

Director of Engineering, Packard Bell-NEC