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McCall Homemaking Cover
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Image by George Eastman House

Accession Number: 1971:0050:0024

Maker: Nickolas Muray (American 1892-1965)

Title: McCall Homemaking Cover

Date: 1941

Medium: "color print, assembly (Carbro) process"

Dimensions: Dimensions Unknown

George Eastman House Collection

General – information about the George Eastman House Photography Collection is available at http://www.eastmanhouse.org/inc/collections/photography.php.

For information on obtaining reproductions go to: www.eastmanhouse.org/flickr/index.php?pid=197100500024.

PHP is relatively new programming software that has taking over the old HTML system of website designing. Previously before php came into the frontline, hyper text mark up languages was the main code that was used by webmasters in website designing, but due to the major set back of using HTML which has to do with rigidity, a better design was introduced and it is php. So exactly what is php? This is one term one can say it is an open secret because many people actually know about it but very few people can actually use it for designing, much less know the full meaning of the abbreviation. Would you like to know how you can create your website with this script? It is quite easy; this fact constitutes one of the reasons why it is preferred amongst others like HTML. Without much further ado, here is a simple way of creating a website using php.

Website creation using PHP

Creating a website using php is not as difficult as developing a website using HTML, however, be that as it may, like HTML, one ought to have a basic knowledge about website development to use php programming language properly. There are two alternatives available to you for creating a website using php, first is by yourself, which will involve hiring a tutor to teach you how to use php. On the other hand you can decide to outsource the task to a professional web developer though it will cost you some money but at the end of the day it is worth it. But if you would rather do it yourself instead of getting a php tutor or even a proxy php tutorial, here are few lessons that should help you.

Get a hosting package:

The first step in creating a website using php is to get a hosting package that includes php.

The purpose of this move is to have a place to save host records to execute your php site. Next is to pay for a domain name with your hosting company or if you wish you can get it separately. Next is to build a database like MYSQL for your website. You can do this by logging into your hosting cp. Next select a CMS to enable you add content to your site. Once your php files are set up transfer all files into your computer and using FTP upload all files back to your host server.

The next step in creating a website using php is to install the CMS after the file transfer. Once this is done go to your browser and type in your name and the CMS script will be launched easily. Select a template to improve the look of your site. If you where able to get to this stage, congratulations, you just have your very own functional PHP website.? Can you see how easy this is, can you compare it to using HTML? No way; you don?t have to hire a developer even a proxy php tutor in creating a website using php after all, nor do you have to hire a php tutor to teach you how to use php.

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