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In a certain movie that was shown recently, it showed one of the main characters taking up the challenge to cook everything within the specific period of time and give reviews for that. The main character created a blog in order to do some reflections on it. In fact, creating a wordpress blog reminds of someone creating his own journal for the first time. If one remembers his English teacher during his school days that they need to create their own journal, this activity comes to mind. Creating a wordpress blog is the digital version of the journal, only better with its features and the possibilities it can create.

WordPress is one of the free online journals that any Tom, Dick and Harry can create. It is a blog that is easy to use and anyone who?s not familiar with online publishing can create one. It is also created for your convenience and hones your writing skills (if it is your first time to write) or retooling your rusty writing skills (if you have not been writing for quite a while). It can also serve as your own scrapbook as well for you can also put your pictures with it and at the same time has your own personal domain or ownership of your blog.

The moment you created your blog thru wordpress, you can start writing. It has features that you can easily divide your entries into categories, tag words that has significant meaning, edit your entries, publish your entries, manage your readers ? you can have your blog put in a private mode and invite selected readers or have it publicly seen by others. Before you really decide on joining the bandwagon, you might want to consider some things on how to set up and to make the best of your blog.

First is to do some research. Read the experiences whether good or bad of other people who have blogs and how they handled it. If you are still decided on doing the blog, it is better to have it created through wordpress because of its flexibility and ease in helping first-time bloggers. You can even have it designed in any way you like, depending on your mood and theme. Are you undecided on a theme that fits you? You can search for possible themes or even take a look at certain blogs for you to have an idea on what you really like. Because of its versatility, you can post your entries via e-mail.

After creating a wordpress blog, you can enhance your blog by installing some SEO or search engine optimization and analytics by installing some site generators, and the like. Once your blog is already up and running, you can do anything and can even invite your readers to make comments and feedbacks, just like the one in the movie.

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