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Open source and free Content Management System, Drupal is a popular tool for building dynamic websites with updated and high-end features. It is written in PHP and supported by MySQL database. Drupal is suitable for larger as well as small and mid-size enterprises. Drupal is easy to install, easy to use, coupled with multiple features, and supported by a skilled community of developers and programmers. It is gradually embraced by all types of businesses. It is free, so the business enterprises do not have to bear the licensing fees, associated with it. This makes Drupal the favorite with small and medium size companies.
Drupal development services can be employed in a number of websites such as forums, community portal, business website, E-commerce website, education website, social networking site, blogs, news website, media and art site, and many more. Drupal is an all in all solution for website building and website management. Drupal development services can offer easy to use modules, expandable features, uncomplicated URLs for your business website, amazing access control and many more to various business houses. In other words, the main aim of Drupal development services is to give customized solutions for various business organizations within the scheduled deadline.
There are numerous organizations that provide Drupal development services. As per the clients wants and needs, they design Drupal website and at the same time look after its maintenance and upgradation. Given below are the major Drupal development services offered by Drupal developers/enterprises:
Drupal Theme: First of all, a company needs to decide the theme of the Drupal website. To do this, it should keep the clients requirements in mind as well as purpose of the website. If the website is developed for blogging and forum posting, the theme should be quite different from that of a corporate website.
Drupal Customized Website Design: After deciding the theme, the developers need to design the website layout including the title space, the button placement, where the users would post their comments, etc. Developers need to have expansive knowledge on PHP and MYSQL.
Customization of Drupal Modules: According to the specific needs of clients, developers need to select the website modules. It is however better to consult the client to customize each plug-in or extension on the website. Drupal is an open source CMS, which allows the developers to change and modify the original codes according to the requirements.
Drupal Upgradation: These are the main services that a Drupal development company can offer its client. When delivered, there is another responsibility that the developers should provide to their customers, and that is technical support for website management and website upgradation.
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Article source: http://drupal.ezinemark.com/drupal-development-services-3220e1afa77.html.

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