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Since Drupal and Joomla have a number of similarities since both are PHP- MySQL applications that can be effectively used on shared hosting and even be remotely installed. At the same time, Drupal is known for its multi-teamwork CMS system which is effective for small and medium size business and Joomla is a popular media publishing tool for news based or magazine websites, and e-commerce portals.

The Drupal Vs Joomla War

While Drupal website development tools were considered the leader for ACL and was known for its ability to manage large number of pages quite easily, Joomla has been able to overtake this position. The former is still a better choice of business use since it manages functions such as versioning much better than its competition. It is also known to act better when there are high loads in question.
Visual CMS

Over the years Joomla has grown to become the best known visual CMS I comparison to Drupal Website development tools. It offers a great appearance and can easily match the quality of fully custom CMS such as Radiant and Umbraco and a fraction of a cost.
Its counterpart has come to become a not so easy to use tool which doesn?t offer too many great options even in the commercial templates.
Unbeatable Stability

Yet, Drupal is still among the most preferred CMS for its stability. This tool is known to very resilient even under heavy load. The best aspect is the fact that in the rare case of the server being not able to handle the load, there is minimal fear of a major loss of data or shut down because this system is known to efficiently shut down rather than simply crashing.
Its server can be easily set up again to handle the traffic and requests again.

The dedicated server is known to be able to easily management up to 40,000 visits in a single running day. If in case your website has more exposure than common portals, there are chances that your visitors may get a ?server overloaded? message, but continues to accept all requests again as soon as the server goes down according to its visitor or traffic capacity.
Even though its competition can easily handle heavy loads, it is not able to scale very well. Drupal website development systems are known to handle large number of plug-ins, page numbers and loads very easily thus considered to the best system that can sale the easiest and handle systems with most stability.
It is a known fact that the more plug-ins on a system the more complicated the content of your pages. This also requires the need to keep adding servers to facilitate all the content. The fastest systems are those that have the least number of plug-ins and short pages that consist primarily of textual content.
Drupal is the best at handling these kinds of loads due to robust management controls irrespective of the number of plug-ins and the type of content that adorns your web pages. In conclusion, this is definitely the most stable system available in the market today.

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Article source: http://drupal.ezinemark.com/drupal-versus-joomla-website-development-7d33fb67e7c4.html.

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