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eConnect SDK and technology were created to open former Great Plains Dynamics for Microsoft Visual Studio programmers especially in eCommerce scenarios. If your shopping cart includes services there is no need to have Inventory Control module registered. It is possible to create such inventory items as miscellaneous charge and associate GL distribution accounts with it. There are certain issues with Miscellaneous Charge in programming SOP Invoice lines when Inventory Control module is not registered. Let’s review the known issues and possible solutions:

1. Error message about incorrect location. You may get the following message: Item number/location code does not exist in inventory. What is going on is the following. eConnect looks at IV00102 Inventory Item Quantity table and trying to find the location (Inventory Site) associated with this item. Since Inventory module is not available you cannot assign location in Inventory Quantity screen ? location logic is disable/greyed out. If you do select statement from IV00102 you will find out that there is the line associated with your miscellaneous charge which has location code as blank. This line serves the quantity sold and purchased purpose

2. It seems like at this time Microsoft Business Solutions Partner or Customer Source do not have reasonable explanation or technical article where the issue is described. The problem seems to be related to the fact that eConnect encrypted SQL stored procedures do not validate registered modules and are not aware that your registration key doesn’t enable Inventory module. We tried several fixes and they didn’t work. For example the idea was to update SOP Setup form or table SOP40100 where in your case location field is empty string with default non blank location. And now let’s move to the fix that did work

3. Open Cards -> Inventory -> Site. Please note you can create sites even if the inventory is not registered. Here in Site Maintenance form create the site or if you already have it pull it into the form clink on Assign button in the bottom right area. In Item Site Assignment either accept all defaults to assign the site to all the items or make your item range selection. And finally click OK. We also recommend you to verify that the site is now available for the item. If you are SQL savvy software developer issue select statement against IV00102 to verify that your item misc. charge now has the row with not blank location code

4. Additional advices. We are also hearing questions about error messages associated with Price List, Currency ID and Unit of Measure. This seems to be also what eConnect needs. As you may know it requires multicurrency to be setup. If you are only dealing with customers and vendors where transactions are in American dollar you still have to setup price list per each items exposed to eConnect coding. To access the form please follow this route: Cards -> Inventory -> Price List to open Price List Maintenance window. The only line seems to be required where currency is USD and Unit of Measure is Each

5. EConnect in opening Dynamics GP for PHP/Linux world. There are numerous ecommerce portals hosted in Linux and programmed in PHP with MySQL database. We suggest you to consider the idea to envelop several shopping cart feeding, updating and deleting methods as SOP web service. If you do it that way then you can call web services directly from your PHP sitting in Linux box

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