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DiskInternals MySQL Recovery allows those who work with databases to retrieve lost data from corrupted or deleted MySQL databases. Databases stored in either the InnoDB or MyISAM formats are supported by this powerful and reliable solution. Data can also be recovered from corrupted or otherwise inaccessible drives which are formatted using a wide variety of file systems. Supported file systems include exFAT, FAT, FAT32, NTFS, HFS and Ext2/Ext3. Data from InnoDB databases can also be recovered even if the data is severely damaged. The recovery solution is one of the most reliable available, giving you the highest chance possible of retrieving lost data from the damaged database data.

DiskInternals MySQL Recovery allows data to be recovered by using either automatic or manual modes. In more simple cases, MySQL Recovery processes can be carried out in fully automatic mode. A manual mode is also available to provide the best results, providing more experienced database administrators to reconstruct severely damaged data from any InnoDB database.

MySQL databases which have been deleted may also be recovered by this solution. If these databases were deleted and then, in turn, removed from the recycle bin as well, it is usually still possible to recover them. This recovery process can also be carried out in full automatic mode. This solution uses particularly advanced recovery algorithms to help achieve the very best results consistently every time. This includes the ability to recover database data from drives which have been formatted or are, for some reason, corrupted or inaccessible. Even more impressively, data can also be recovered from disks which don’t even have any working file system remaining. In this case, you will still have the best possible chance of recovering, at least partially, data from InnoDB databases. Even if the database can only be partially recovered, these parts can later be reassembled into a working database by using the manual recovery features of this software.

MySQL Recovery is also great for repairing databases which are damaged. In many cases, recovered database files are corrupted and this needs to be fixed using a solution such as this. DiskInternals MySQL Recovery allows administrators to fix the structure of the data, retrieving and restoring records and tables. The manual mode allows for experienced database administrators and developers to easily recreate broken or missing database structures. Data can be filled in using data extracted from the corrupted files during the recovery process.

For maximum versatility and convenience, MySQL Recovery also supports a variety of different export modes. Data which can be recovered may be exported into a collection of SQL scripts or a single SQL dump file. The contents may also be exported into a functioning MySQL server on a working connection. The recoverable data may also be converted into the MS SQL format as well. For maximum recovery efficiency, as much as 2 GB per record can be recovered in this manner.

DiskInternals MySQL Recovery also provides a visual preview. This feature also provides support for pictures and office documents as well as text.

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