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Integrating Facebook “Like” button to your personal website is the best way to promote your visitors to diffuse word about you through social network. Once the visitor hit the Like button on your website, it will be posted to their friends’ wall regarding your website.

Basic Information:

If you are running your website using third party software such as Joomla or WordPress then the best way to integrate Facebook “Like” button is installing extension from the official website or repositories. There are many extensions that offer same functions, so it is completely up to you which one you choose as per your requirements and best suited one. You can easily identify the best one which is easily installed on your website without any extra modification.

It is very easy and painless to add Facebook “Like” button directly on your website without putting much effort and let’s see who liked and shared your webpage. If you have streamlined your website then here is the way to add “Like” button:

Go to http://developers.facebook.com/docs/reference/plugins/like.
Use “Get Like Button Code” generator to get the button code and copy it for adding into your website.
Paste the code that you have copied in previous step.

In fact, there are two versions of code available produced by the generator such as iframe version and XFBML version. The XFBML requires you to install Facebook JavaScript SDK on your website before installing this version.

Therefore, you can use “iframe” version until you install the javascript kit on your website.

It is really interesting to add “Like” button to your website and spread out the popularity of your website through social networking websites. Now, you can easily track down that how many people have clicked on “Like” button on your website. In simple words, you can check how many people liked your webpage. However, you can assign this task to the Facebook to perform on your behalf.

You just need to go to http://www.facebook.com/insights/ and tap on the green button named “insights for your websites”. Facebook will give you HTML link which you need to add to the root page of your website. Here root page refers to the basic or main page of your website.

Once you have placed in the required destination, Facebook will recognize that you own that particular website. Now, you will be accessed http://www.facebook.com/insights/ to compile vital details incorporated with your domain regarding likes and shares of the pages of your website. You can get more details about your website such as basic demographics of the people.

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Article source: http://website.ezinemark.com/effective-method-to-add-facebook-like-tab-to-your-website-18072675ec4.html.

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