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The Certified MySQL 5.0 DBA Part I also known as 005-002 has been exclusively engineered for IT experts who are interested in focusing on MySQL DBA. This proctored expertise evaluation analyzes an applicants abilities in regard to setting up, keeping, providing and improving MySQL hosts.

Exam Details

The MySQL 5.0 DBA evaluation significantly varies from other past examinations. For instance:

There are no several choice concerns. The concerns are developed in a true or incorrect way.
Candidates seated for this evaluation must illustrate abilities in using MySQL hosting server.
In most circumstances, you will be offered with the solutions. However, you will be predicted to improve the data source to be able to match the objectives.

The Certified MySQL 5.0 Part I evaluation is arranged into two sessions, that is, necessary and non-compulsory projects. The necessary projects are main know-how which every DBA ought to be in a place to bring out even under stress. What this implies is that, you should be able to achieve the projects when you are limited of sleep, in the wee hours of the day when you are still worn out, or together with a Dilbert form PHB clinging over shoulder area. The non-compulsory projects include various Parts of MySQL.

Every applicant will be offered with a MySQL situation which they will be predicted to use when achieving their projects. Once they are through with the projects or if time operates out before they are able to complete all the allocated projects, the circumstances are analyzed to figure out the DBA qualification hopeful will be able to impact MySQL hosting server according to a company specifications.

Preparation Resources

If you are currently learning for the MySQL 5.0 DBA evaluation, you will be satisfied to listen to that there are numerous on the internet exercising sources available that you can use to get ready for the evaluation.

However, when shopping for the best on the internet exercising source, there are a couple of Parts that you need to keep in thoughts. This will allow you to choose the best exercising source that will allow you to ranking above the needed lowest ranking.

The following are some of the things that you need to remember when choosing the right exercising resource:

Support: The exercising source ought to offer 24/7 tech assistance.
Questions: The concerns examined in the exercising source should be up-to-date. Newest concerns in regards to MySQL 5.0 DBA evaluation will allow you to get familiar with the actual evaluation.
Answers: The exercising source should provide you with solutions to the concerns.
Scenarios: Make sure that the exercising source provides various circumstances on how to improve MySQL hosts to be able to match the needs of a company.


There are several advantages that an applicant has to gain by seated for this qualifications evaluation. Firstly, you will have proven that you have the needed abilities to not only set up, but sustain, provide and boost MySQL hosts. This in turn locations you at a better place to increase up the profession steps, which indicates better pay and enhanced way of life.



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