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At present, it is essential that managers develop knowledge and skills based on real situations to decide rigor.

The Executive MBA is a program of EAE Department focused on improving and expanding the business training participants, of who hold positions of responsibility in companies and organizations in the forefront. The market requires managers with an overview of the organizations, individuals interdisciplinary able to design, implement and analyze functional and integrated business strategies.

The program provides the knowledge and skills required by the market to accelerate management development necessary to meet these challenges and lead a business project: leadership, strategic vision, ability to communicate and to accept others’ ideas.
Acquire a global vision to develop managerial activity with maximum efficiency, creativity and social responsibility is the challenge that every manager must face.

The Executive MBA is designed to achieve the following objectives:

Develop management skills of the participant, deepening the company’s global vision.
Assume leadership roles in globalized business, competitive and specialized.
Develop strategic thinking, innovation and entrepreneurship.?
Encourage communication and teamwork.
Generate strong synergies through networking conducted with the other participants in the program

The executive MBA programs are designed for the professional worker who is on track and a promising career. Sometimes the program’s executive MBA for Executives is a proposal, some others for the aspiring executive.

This program, unlike traditional ones, require much more work experience to enter, even sometimes requires an increase in the budget or administrative responsibility. It is not unusual in the executive MBA program , the applicant is not required to take the Graduate Review of Administrative (GMAT) since the requirement of work experience demonstrating knowledge in many areas of business that the exam tests.

The possibility of flexible hours is another feature of the executive MBA program and that most students do not want to delay their careers while working for a title. For example, a schedule of the program’s executive MBA can consist of full days of class every Friday and Saturday interleaved. This time the traders benefit travelers, and mitigate the sacrifice which the student must make between family and work commitments.

Although not all students in the executive programs of MBA have the kind of, many have a similar motivation: What areas of international business executives should get to compete in the global market? While many of the traditional specialized MBA programs try to solve this question, executive MBA programs are given a strong focus on international business, after all students in the executive MBA programs in India are at a stage of their careers in which are required to think and act global.

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