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WordPress is the best platfrom for building your blog and other websites, because of its great capabilities in the area of SEO (search engine optimization) and the flexibility it offers. If you are using WordPress to build your business, then you may already know that plugins are one of the best ways to enhance the capabilities of what you can do. They are tools, created by a variety of people from around the world, which will turn your WordPress site into a content management system to rival the best website ever created. But finding just the right ones may be something you have been struggling with. I find the plugins I will use on my sites by searching by keyword within my dashboard, asking other people which ones they are using and recommend, and by reading a variety of blogs and offline publications that have regular discussions on this topic.

When you are logged in to your WordPress site’s dashboard, click on the tab to add a plugin. Then type in a keyword for what you are searching for. Because there are thousands of plugins currently available, there is an excellent chance you will find what you are looking for. For example, I was searching for something to help me create a newsletter out of my posts, so I typed in a few words and found several to choose from.

Asking others about their favorite plugins will also be worthwhile. Even though there are thousands of them available, you will want to choose only the ones that will truly add value to what you are working to achieve with your site.

You will also want to subscribe to a few blogs that discuss technology on a daily basis.

I find that these sites are crucial to my success for many reasons. They review new plugins and discuss old ones, giving me the information I need in a completely objective manner. The people who run these sites are involved in the WordPress community, and can truly offer the information that will make sense for my business. There are also some magazines and other offline publications that also offer the type of information that will save me time when I need to add just the right plugin to a specific site. Be sure to ask questions on these sites so that the people who are creative will use your needs as the basis for what they come up with next.

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