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Being a part of all this hassle we all look forward to some privacy and want to spend quality time with our families in form of catching up with the latest movie or going to various amusement parks or undertaking short vacations in India?which?not only relaxes us and provides a joyful environment but also strengthens family?bonds.

A short family vacation is any day the most appealing option as it satisfies dual objectives: an outing and spending of quality time with family. But in today’s?recession scenario where companies are suffering unbearable losses leading to unemployment or least payable jobs, going on vacation would be the last thing one would do. Not to worry the solution to this is to resort to cheap vacation trip to India. So, let’s take a brief to some cheap vacation ideas.

Camping: One of the most inexpensive family vacation ideas is family camping which is fun and exciting. The Camping Gear for a family of four will cost less than $ 1000 and can be used for future vacations as well. Several campsites feature shower and toilet facilities. Some even provide cable TV and wireless access. RV camping is also popular as recreational vehicle parks feature hiking trails, playground facilities, lakes for swimming, boating, and other water sports.

Road Trips: Bringing the focus from the destination to the journey can make a simple road trip a fun and exciting family vacation.

Load your car with yummy homemade goodies, and head for a road trip. Stop at fun places such as museums, factories, historical buildings, or any other scenic spot during the journey. If your children are young and love role plays, then you all could pretend to be explorers. Provide the children with binoculars and cheap cameras. The best about road trips is that you never know what’s in store for you. You will be surprised how simple trips like these can turn out into wonderful memories.

Horse Riding: Horse riding is another wonderful option for budget vacation. The aim of this resort is to train children to ride horses around the ranch or mountain trails. Horses can be hired for few days from easily available horse dealers. Tips and lessons on safe horse riding are available on net making it a fear free activity.

Skiing: For families passionate about skiing, but who find big resorts way too expensive, then the small old fashion resorts are a good option.

Experiencing Farm Life: It’s good to experience farm life by moving away from the hustle and bustle of the city, to the peace and quietness of a farm, is a good change for everybody. The farm features gardens, ponds, domesticated animals.

When you’re on tight budget vacations, it’s best to plan well in advance. Booking airline tickets in advance will enable you to reach the same destination at a cheaper rate. Since rates during weekends are high, plan going for a vacation sometime during the week. Be on the look out for peak seasons and plan your vacation during the off season. Planning ahead and during off season is the key to affordable family vacations. Joining up with friends is also another method of reducing the cost and having low cost family vacations.


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