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There is a lot of debate on the topic of free WordPress hosting. Let’s look at the concerns (disadvantages) before we look at the benefits of getting free WordPress hosting.

The disadvantages and warnings of getting any kind of free hosting, be it for hosting a WordPress website, or just a normal html website are as follows and should be considered beforehand:

– You are not in a legally binding contract so you have very little rights if your website does go down and you lose your data. Getting a plugin to back up your WordPress files is vital (even if your not going to use a free account).

– Some free hosting providers may have a lot of downtime due to unauthorized activity. Since they offer free hosting plans, these companies are at risk from scam artists which can have an adverse affect on the servers they host your site in.

– Many hosting companies that give free WordPress hosting also have limitations; they force ads on your website, and limit any income making programs to be used on your free hosting account.

I understand that the above disadvantages may seem that free services to not be worth even trying – but lets look at the advantages and possible uses for this:

– If you have never hosted a website before, this can be a good start to experiment and learn. Since you haven’t paid for it, you won’t feel under pressure to create something. For some people, this is just what they need to get the creative juices flowing.

– If you want to create back links to your main website (to increase its search engine rankings), creating WordPress hosted sites is a great way to do this. In fact, creating back links to your main website by creating many free websites is just one of the ways to help you get a boost in your search engine rankings.

– Free accounts can be used to collect email opt ins for your products and services. So you would have setup a whole website just to collect email opt-ins with zero costs (other than time invested) – and then you can start creating a relationship with your subscribers and start selling to them once you have provided enough free value.

To conclude, free WordPress hosting should only really be used for the above reasons; if you want to set up an authority website, it is not recommended to use a free WordPress hosting account.

Elisha Ijaz is a senior admin of various websites on various topics.

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