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Joomla is an open source content management system (CMS), which enables us to build websites and online applications with total power and security. Hence Joomla is freely available for everyone and easy to use with its templates, it is becoming very popular in six years of its launch. Content Management System is software that keeps track of total website, whether it is a simple text, or it can be music or it can be a video or it can be photos, online transactions or anything one can think of.

Templates are ready to use in Joomla, so any one having little knowledge can start with simple web sites. But good Joomla designer and developer can built corporate websites, intranet applications, online magazines, newspapers and publications, E-commerce, online reservations, community based portals, complex business directories, school websites etc. some of good qualities for any designer is very common as.

? ?One should be very creative and committed to the work. He should explore new ideas and work up to client?s satisfaction. One should have good communication skill so can understand client?s requirement and also able to put his vision. Good command over language will also help in some areas of development.

One should have good command over helping tools in development like editing softwares for photos, videos, music etc. Passion for work will increase in productivity as well as in quality. One should not be overloaded and can able to finish the work in estimated time period.

Some specific qualities are required to develop core Joomla site.

? ?As Joomla is based on Object Orient Programming (OOPs) Technology, One should have good knowledge of OOPS concepts like Classes, Objects, Instance, Methods, Message passing, Data abstraction and encapsulation, Functions and procedures, Polymorphism, Recursion, Inheritance and many more. Deep knowledge of oops will lead a designer to develop a dynamic data driven sites. To work with data driven sites and portals one should have a good command over my SQL, a free ware to handle databases. He should able to handle any complex queries as per customer or user requirement. Knowledge of php will help a designer to convert old sites in Joomla.

? ?To build an E-commerce site one should have knowledge of payment gateways and security.

? ?Designer should develop a site in a manner that client should be able to maintain his site on regular basis, and he should be able to do all required things without good knowledge of development.

? ?Knowledge of working strategy of Search engine will help to build a good site and will get more hits.

? ?Good designer can take help of other designers and able to work in a team and will able to convert Photoshop or html layouts in Joomla templates. If one is able to create their own templates can create unique sites as per requirements.

? ?One should be able to think of all kind of security staring from validation of user inputs, Filtering outputs and encryption. One should be easily handle rights of users, administrators of deferent level. Scripts should take care that any unauthorized access trying to collect information such as email address, and password protected data such as credit card numbers will fail and should intimate the administrator.

? ?Experts of Joomla designer can easily add on extensions to previously developed project. He should be able to explore Joomla?s core features.

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