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PHP originally known as Personal Home Page, now PHP termed for hyper text preprocessor and it is a general purpose script language to built dynamic web pages.? PHP code is embedded into HTML document and interpreted by web server with PHP processor module. Almost all operating systems and servers supports PHP free of charge, hence PHP becomes a popular script language now a days.

Mostly Dynamic WebPages deal with databases, it Reponses to the user input, and provide information accordingly. So to build a good quality of website using PHP one must know Database Management Systems, Query building and data analysis, User controls over its privileges, Backup and restore of data etc.
Now a day, PHP is more used for server side scripting which is more secure because these scripts are never visible to the browsers. Theoretical knowledge of PHP and good experience will lead developer to build a good website.

Only PHP can not serve the purpose of building a website, so in web industry, LAMP ? Linux, Apache, Mysql and PHP is a combination. OR other popular combinations are WAMP and MAMP, where W and M stands for Windows and M stands for Mac OS.? So good PHP developer should also have good command over client side scripting, Interface with browser and operating systems.

Web content management systems like Joomla, Drupal, are also written in PHP so, so one can easily image that Power of PHP lead developer to what extent.

Good PHP developer should be able to create templates or modules in such a manner that can be use repetitively and can be change by passing the parameters.

Usage of open source programs and content management systems in combination with PHP lead to save a time in over all development. Knowledge of readymade tools to develop the site is one of the good qualities of PHP developer.

After developing the web site, all clients want to be in top in search engine results, so knowledge of search engine optimization at the time of development will help.Good developer should be aware for loading time, usage of server recourses, response time, etc.

Documentation plays a very big role in maintenance of any project. So it is very common quality for any type of developer and hence also applied for PHP developer that he or she should write all code with comments mentioning logic. Maintenance team is usually other than development team. Proper documentation will help the sight to survive for a longer time.

Now days, developers jump from one company to another, which is not good for big projects, so commitment towards project is considered as a very big quality.
A good developer should have very good future vision, and development should be done in such a manner that the development should accommodate many of future requirements and can be able to tolerate expansion.

Good Command over language, Communication skill, Temperament control, passion for work, time commitment and time management, skill for working with a team, playing a lead role in team, general awareness and eagerness for the topic as well as for technologies and creativity are other common qualities of any good designer and developer.

These are some points that one should keep in mind to be a good quality of PHP developer.

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