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Joomla Template is the free system of content management that is used for creating websites. Web designers can construct their sites through the combination of modules and programs to be used. The Joomla framework is being written through PHP, as the modules are being used for customizing websites.

Varieties of modules are available and that includes RSS feeds, polls along with the language internationalization that makes Joomla Template easy for the users to bring out the content to websites even for nominal web design practice. Joomla is also used for publishing information to the internets and making it helpful organizational tool.

Due to the open source of the Joomla code, anybody is capable in writing modules along with the extensions of the system making them extremely adoptable. The modules were obtainable with downloads usually with the creators websites. There are lots of web designers that creates Joomla designs called the “Joomla Themes” that are available with downloads. Not all of the Joomla Themes are free to obtain, though; there are lots of web designers that are making custom themes with the price.

The Joomla Template is usually described as user friendly because it can be used easily.

The key feature is the graphical interface that has lesser learning curve. Joomla is the transliteration of Shawili word that means as a whole. This was chosen as the part of re-branding process from the software that is originally developed as the branch of the “Mambo content management system”.

Mambo is the main controversy questioning if what are the constituted open sources software as the members of foundation are being charged with the funding of the project that were blamed for the planning of the capitalization venture. As the result, Mambo’s development team had left the project and started to release the very first version of the newly created Joomla in 2005.

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