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It was PHP that ushered in interactivity in the domain of web development and with online domain going absolutely creative and robust, there is a sudden surge in the recruitment market to hire PHP developers. Used in the capacity of server side programming language, PHP offers great support to different databases such as Oracle, MySQL, and Sybase. Besides the popular usage for developing scalable and interactive websites, PHP is also majorly used for enterprise solutions such as shopping carts and web calendars. No wonder why PHP development has becoming a popular choice for upcoming dynamic generation of developers.

In order to Hire PHP developers, enterprises should be not only being aware of a developer’s project credentials but should also assess his versatility in working with cross platforms and technologies. Apart from the regular development skill set, there are few other Meta skills that are highly evaluated because PHP development is much more than just writing codes. These skills are:

? Proficiency in HTML, CSS and JAVAScript. If a PHP developer is building applications, it is a mandate that he or she has to be adept in HTML, CSS and JAVA coding. These are technologies that are central to dynamic design, so modern web development is incomplete without these skills.

? Business Acumen. This is one of the most critical aspects of any profession. Contrary to the traditional belief that business development is the core competency of business development individuals. A keen understanding of market demand and trends helps the developer in building applications that have a greater possibility of success.

Moreover understanding of relevant technologies and platforms is critical for aligning the development purpose with the business goal.

? Proficiency in front – end technologies. It is important to understand that currently pure PHP programming is no more relevant. In the age of innovation and collaboration, enterprises majorly build their products based on existing frameworks and platforms.

? Prompt communication- it is one of the most important aspect of any development work. Therefore every effort should be made to understand the client well and keep in regular touch in order to offer a timely support. A small communication gap might result in missing out an important feature.

Generally enterprises like to outsource complete PHP development project or hire PHP developers from outsourcing destinations like India. Outsourcing not only offers cost effectiveness but also drives in infrastructure optimization. India with its high quality technical education offers quality and experienced technical resources. The process of PHP outsourcing follows a development methodology wherein a project is broken down into five major steps such as analysis, designing, development, testing, and enhancement. Though these steps are standardized, but the solutions are developed as per the client’s industry requirements. A far as coding is concerned, there are certain guidelines that one needs to follow if one is coding himself. This scene may change if one is working in a team with each developer coding in his own respective style. Having said so, the truth remains that initially it might take a while to set some coding protocols for a team because this would go a long way in eliminating discrepancies.

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