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?PHP is a programming language and it stands for pre-hypertext-processor. PHP is a skill of coding and writing code in the programming language. PHP programming allows the developer to integrate and include information into web pages which can be drawn from other web based sources like database, xml and other sources.

PHP is the most common programming language available and in use on the Internet. It powers the backend of more systems than any other code and is used to power a lot of the larger websites online – like Facebook.?

PHP development is the most favored of all the web development platforms known to PHP development community, around the globe. The majority of web applications and web portals that you come across, while surfing the net owe their existence to PHP.

Programming in PHP allows the smart developer to integrate and include dynamic information into web pages which can be drawn from other sources, like a database, xml, rss feeds or other web based sources. PHP is generally used in conjunction with MYSQL Database.

PHP web application development improves your business applications functioning by constructing high performance data applications. PHP development is the perfect option for use with mid-sized, highly secure, databases because of its strong functionality with MySQL.

Many Offshore software development companies cater hiring services through which client can hire PHP programmers according to their requirements of project. You need take care about few points while hire PHP programmers for your projects from offshore web development companies, such as How old the companies is in web development field, weather the company has necessary infrastructure, does company have allow you to communicate with your hire PHP programmers, experience of hire PHP programmers etc

Technical Skills of Dedicated PHP programmers

PHP 4.X, PHP 5.X and Upgrading to PHP 6
MVC frameworks: CakePHP, Zend
Template Engines ? Smarty and PHP
JavaScript libraries like jQuery , Ext JS and Prototype JS
MySQL 4.X , MySQL 5.X
Web Services

PHP coding can be executed with minimum runtime, unlike other scripting languages or JavaScript. As such, an efficient PHP coder would code the optimum solution that can be executive with less runtime. Here lies the brilliance of a PHP programmer.

In other words, you should look for a PHP coder who can code scripts that offer the best results at a minimum runtime. At times PHP coding optimization is needed to create codes that is user-friendly and executed in less time.



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