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Joomla administration
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There are lot many things that arrive in mind when one thinks to start using Joomla and some of them are ease of usage, a powerful control panel and its easy upgrades and enhancement. The ones who have made use of Joomla would surely know how easy it makes for one to manage the content and to organize it in a fine way. The ones who are not aware of all this and want to start using Joomla have to know that it is a Content management system and before suing it one needs to become familiar with all the terms that are used with it.

Why Start Using Joomla?

This is one such question that might be cropping in the mind of all those who have either not used any CMS yet or have not at least made use of Joomla at all. Very first thing that manages to acquire the attention of the users is that the pages of Joomla are designed in a real time format and also have a text editor. Next thing is the administrator which is powerful enough to ensure that the menus and the modules can be easily added or updated.

Another impressive feature that forces the users to start using Joomla is the time that it saves, adding content does not take any time as one has to write in the editor and then easily paste in to the Joomla editor. Another thing that impresses the users to the core is the freedom that they acquire in their hands. Once the users start using Joomla they can edit all the menus as per their preference and that too in the real time.

Some of the things that can be easily changed with a simple click include both unpublishing and publishing the menu items. One has the freedom to come out with any new section and when one feels that it is the right time to introduce it one can reach the Menu Manager and simply publish that.

With Joomla the design of a complete website can be changed in minutes and the ones who are thinking to start using Joomla should give this a try for sure. One can easily provide the different pages some special categories. Now coming to the enhancement features that Joomla supports, as it uses plugins which are called extensions, one can easily install these at the control panel and use them for adding more functionality to ones website.

How to Start Using Joomla

To start using Joomla, not much complicated steps are to be followed, but one has to keep in mind the step by step sequence. The initial step includes drafting of a sitemap, creating appropriate sections, creating articles for the website, creating a menu for the links to appear and last one includes enabling all the menus.

To be precise, if these steps are followed in the right order and keeping the customization requisites in mind any one can come out with a website using Joomla.

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Joomla administration
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