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With the recent introduction of the iPad 2, Apples tablet device has once again been the talk of the day in many of circles. One of the latest discussions involves the multi-faceted tablet device, but is more about the two entities that teamed up to give it another layer. Thanks to a new partnership, the iPad has become a capable tool for blogging.

According to various online reports, OnSwipe, maker of a platform that enables marketers to optimize their content on touch-enabled devices, has teamed up with the WordPress community to develop a new plugin for the popular blogging engine. Marketers who are forced to do their blogging on-the-go can take advantage of the release by getting more work done and leveraging the worlds number one open source content publishing system in exciting new ways. Lets take a look at the iPad WordPress plugin and how it can help transform the Blogosphere.

The Solution for Mobile Blogging

If blogging is a big part of your business, then you may have experienced a few times when it was necessary to upload new content and publish posts while youre away from the desk. Blogging apps for WordPress and other platforms have existed, but mobile blogging has always been a bit of a challenge. While iPhones and BlackBerrys can do some incredible things, their small screens make the everyday tasks we perform on our desktops and laptops much more complex. The size of the iPad alone makes it a much better choice for mobile blogging, and the WordPress plugin has come along to bring out its best.

OnSwipes plugin not only delivers features that enable a smooth WordPress experience on the iPad, but features that create an entirely new experience. It functions like an app on the device, but is actually driven by HTML 5, the latest version of the web language that makes WordPress tick. Thanks to HTML 5 on the back-end, the plugin fully supports touch interaction, swiping and various other features that are specific to the iPad. This includes functionality that automatically changes the layout when a blog reader rotates their device. The plugin has been designed to create an optimal experience for visitors as well, and because of this, its iPad centric features stand to benefit marketers greatly.

A Way to Create iPad-Friendly Sites

Perhaps the biggest advantage of the new iPad plugin is that it supports both WordPress and other websites. This is huge news for marketers that have been struggling trying to create an optimal experience for the visitor browsing their site on an iPad. According to OnSwipe, the plugin is currently only available for the Apple tablet, but could be making its way to other tablets and mobile devices in the near future. Depending on the response the plugin receives, we could see this sooner than later.

According to WordPress itself, the free blog platform is receiving roughly 750,000 page views per day from iPad users. As more of the owners of the 18 million blogs on the site enable the new plugin, this number is sure to go up. If you have yet to make your WordPress blog iPad-friendly, you should jump on it now and start looking into how you can extend the functionality to your other sites.

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