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Dubai SEO Marketing: ? Current trend setting web programming language is PHP, most of the companies in different vertical industries are spending millions of dollars in opting for web applications based PHP. Recent years PHP is one of the most popular web design language that have gained enormous popularity, as on to day every where, every engineering graduates turning their mind towards PHP. Major industries are pin point to hiring PHP programmers at very affordable cost.

How do I choose a PHP programmer ?

Small and medium enterprises are on a tight budget and develop a Web application may require a large amount, which may be out of pocket. Outsourcing has become a market of increased competition, globalization, marketing online, the progress of digitization technology. Outsourcing offers great rates and quality of resources, less time, improving customer satisfaction and even basic skills. But the main question remains ? How do I choose a PHP Programmer ? The success of a project in web design programming depends on choosing well PHP Programmers. Choosing a good PHP Programmer is a challenging one. Most of the PHP programmers are not show their skills, it is striving hard to them. Before starting the development, project manager has to bare the following things to be in his mind.

1. Fastest work process
2. 100% knowledge in Technical
3. Practical Experience in web development

Move parallel with current technology
5. Developing the Web applications with dynamic
6. Cost should be affordable
7. Based on the requirement does the work
8. Team members should Expertise PHP Programmers

If you are choosing a good PHP programmer, here to follow some of the guidelines and checklists :

1. Ensure the experience in different web application. We want to involve him in existing open source application or a new project. In both situations the PHP programmer has experienced.

2. Give a coding and the PHP programmer has to validate the coding, ensure his comments with either by calling the website owner or some expert to go through the PHP Programmer’s comment. This can help the PHP programmer’s efficiency and PHP Programmer’s knowledge about the project already handled.

3. Give one week time for a small project, day to day basis examines the process made by PHP Programmer.

4. Refer those PHP programmer’s co-developers who were involved in various projects with web development. It may help, how the PHP programmer’s responsibilities handled on the different projects.

5. Run time ? Coding can be executed, it has to run with minimum run time. Look for best coder who can write a scripts at a minimum run time which is the best result.

6. Security level ? In dynamic pages, especially in e-commerce, financial transactions etc the security level must be in high priority, ensure PHP programmer should well aware of the significances of good coding and PHP programmer must be aware all the proper security enabled features code is created.

7. Lastly select from a freelance or dedicated PHP programmer from reputed organization according to your requirement.

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