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If you’re not taking advantage of the traffic that social networking sites can offer, you’re really missing out. Social network is a must, and Facebook is its number one site. Facebook social extensions for Joomla are great for boosting your business because they connect your site with what’s going on at Facebook. If your site uses Joomla, you can now get wonderful widgets and plug-ins that can connect you to Facebook – and that means connecting you more closely to your customer base.

The Magic Of Facebook Social Extensions

Almost all businesses, whether they’re online or off, have Facebook accounts. But imagine this – You can actually have Facebook buttons, comments, Likes and friends displayed on your site. With the click of a button, visitors to your site can be linked to Facebook instantly. Here are just a few of the Facebook social extensions for Joomla that are now being offered:

Like Box – Getting Likes shows other users that your website got something to offer. The Like Box puts them directly on your site. Visitors to your site can see how many Likes you’ve gotten, and they can tell the world that they like you too with just the click of a button.

Login Module – When someone digs your site, what do they do? Log in to Facebook and tell their friends. Take out one unnecessary step, and you’ll have more people doing it. The Login Module puts a button to log in to Facebook right there on your website’s pages.

Comments Module – Here’s another great tool to help them spread the word faster.

With the Comments Module, they can tell all of their friends about your site without leaving your site. It offers a way for them to comment on your site.

Live Stream Widget – The Live Stream Widget totally synchronizes your site with Facebook. News, comments, Likes and everything else going on at Facebook appears on your site in real-time.

Friendpile Widget – Why not have all your Facebook fans right there on your site? This widget shows new visitors all the fans and friends your site already has.

And there are even more available. If you’re not using Facebook to its fullest capacity, you’re missing out on the great benefits it can offer you.

Facebook Social Extensions For Joomla Help You Get Results

Everyone loves Facebook and the ways that it connects us. Using these social extensions helps you to build a stronger bond with your friends and fans on the site. They make your site more useful to your customers, who can keep up with Facebook without leaving it.

Not only does it make a better connection with the customers you have, these plug-ins and widgets are great for getting new fans and customers. When a new visitor hits your site, they see all the Facebook friends you have and how much they enjoy your site. They’ll want to be a part of it too.

Finally, taking full advantage of Facebook helps you monetize. Social networking is essential to making money with any business. These social extensions help to take it to the next level, increasing your Facebook presence and maximizing the profits you can receive from its service.

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