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The main reason for the overall popularity of Joomla san be traced back to the call for consistent and spectacular website functioning. While it is easy to see that the other two competitive contact management systems, WordPress and Drupal, are good at what they do, it is Joomla that is the preferred open source CMS, for most website owners and developers today. Just why is this and how did Joomla take and retain the lead in this very competitive locality, is something that we will be talking a keen look into today.

GUI Backend CMS

Joomla is so much more than just a mediocre, GUI backend CMS, that is adequate for most small to mid-sized websites. Joomla is a well-defined, out of the box ready and upgradable, system that can be utilized for great traffic attainment purposes. After a short, rather entertaining education and learning curve in the finer points of Joomla web design and implementation, the world of this advanced operating system is open to all.

Drupal and WordPress

The other CMS programs and platforms are Drupal and WordPress. These two competitors to Joomla, while having definite goals and target users, lack the specific organic targeted schematics, which Joomla possesses. This is why most website owners and SEO developers turn to Joomla for all of the Internet commerce requirements. WordPress is great for blogging and Drupal is the name to know for a more detailed, website development pursuit, but Joomla stands head and shoulders above each of those CMS platforms with its ease of use and functional supremacy.

Well Layed Out Codebase

Joomla is an exceptionally well layed out codebase and possesses a qualified, active development community, which are both quite different from Drupal and WordPress. What must be told is that the overall feeling, which exists across the web developer community, is that Drupal is superior and more serious, for most website developers. This is fine and understandable, as Joomla was not created to be a complex, hard to use and update, web development tool. On the contrary, Joomla is now seen as the go to website development CMS source, for all website owners and developers.

Transmission Analogy

A great analogy that is dead-on for the description of what Joomla is comes from the world of auto owners and drivers. Joomla is a car with an automatic transmission, and that is what most drivers desire, but a few people think a manual shifter is cooler and has more power and benefits. Drupal is the manually shifted transmission, with the same vehicle pursuits, as that of Joomla.

Drupal and Joomla

If there is one big difference that sets Drupal and Joomla apart, it is found in the functionality of the backend administrative interface. The Joomla user interface never goes more than a few screens deep no matter how many extensions that are installed, and no screen will ever run over 1000px of vertical space. That is why Joomla stands to be the primary coding CMS source for all website developmental experts. for Joomla Web Design professional for your Joomla project finding a Joomla Developers that is well versed in using the Joomla CMS is critical to the success of your web design.

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